About us

Iko Accra is a clothing brand founded in 2023, with one foot in Gothenburg and one in Accra. We design with handmade West African textile techniques to produce contemporary garments, with urban people in mind. Our fabrics comes exclusively from natural fibers and are sourced and brought from the African continent, as well as the trims. The silhouettes are clean and minimalistic, influenced by Scandinavian design.

Preserving traditional textile craftmanship is key to the brand. Each piece has a unique value rooted in the tradition instead of in future short time trends. Our garments are designed to be weared for long time, as a bridge between the past, the present and the future.

The production, both the dyeing and sewing, take place in Accra, Ghana by small scale artisans and manufacturers. The sewing team are skilled formal students from Owphanim Apparel Fashion School in Accra. We believe that long lasting working oppurtunities will contribute to sustainable community development and welfare.



Our mission is to bring the rich West African textile culture to new spheres and contexts worldwide.