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Iko Accra

Tawiah Dress - Orange Nima

Tawiah Dress - Orange Nima

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Loose-fitting ruffle dress with short sleeves and in-seam pockets in Orange Nima, handcrafted in Accra, Ghana. 100 % cotton.

The fabrics used for Iko Accra´s clothes are free from synthetic petroleum based materials, we only use 100% natural  textile fibers. Every Iko Accra item is handcrafted and unique, items might slightly differ from pictures on the website.

We design our clothes with a relaxed fit for high comfort and free movement. We sell our garments in 4 sizes.

Our sizes: 

Size 1: XS/S

Size 2: M

Size 3: L/XL

Size 4: 2XL/3X


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